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impossible journey - or - two suns to the left [Sep. 28th, 2005|02:21 pm]
Ravenwood Cafe


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[music |impossible journey]

This is posted over in my journal, but it really needs to be here.

two suns to the left
and a thrice forgotten star
go six times round the eldest tree
and find yourself afar
a moon and a quarter send you home
but a moon and a half stay straight
til old dawn's dusk comes twice again
and joins its timeless mate
an eightfold fire sings at noon
and once goes out for you
and as leftward skies reign in the light
morn's gate at night go through
last then see the second fall
that covers fifteen years
and mired erstwhile to the clouds
crossed rainbows filled with tears
nine times sing the song of truth
while forth you wander on
til last and first you ready wait
to welcome back the dawn

And more to come... my maragon dream... I'll need to remember that one (or find the file) ;)