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Gaea and the Third Thing [Oct. 11th, 2005|10:00 am]
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This is a but long, sorry.

I had a dream about Gaea the other night. As with most of my dreams, I'm pretty sure most of it was fluff ( like the part where I was trapped by a race of people who all looked a mummified Bast, and I resolved my escape through turn-based FF style combat, and I was bailed out halfway through by Seyn, one of my WoW characters). However, I have always attached a very special siginificance to Gaea.

But first, a small discussion on Gaes and the Third Thing. I have never much held to one particular religion or tradition. My feeling on the matter is that they've all got it pretty close to right. It usually all boils down to what should really be rule number one for being human "Don't be an asshole". That being said, my world view is complicated, and I am wont to associate things from other religions to this world view to make thinking about it easier. I'm pretty sure everyone here understands what I mean. I don't want this to turn into a right/wrong arguement over relgious philosophy, etc. I jus want you to know where my dream came from.

I fully believe that there is a collectiveness, an underlying energy or unifying force to all life. Nothing so mystical as the Force, perhaps, but present, persistent, and, to the receptive, it can be guiding. Is it sentient? Not by any definition we use. Is it aware? You better believe it. Is it deliberate in how it acts and moves? Yes. If it is intelligent, it is an intelligence we cannot comprehend. I call this ambient presence Gaea (blatantly stolen from the Greeks, and yes I prefer this spelling to any of the alternate ones), and hereafter I will .

Gaea is life. She is not the creating force (and I shall not get into that here, or likely ever). Yes, life begets life. She is more the continuing cycle than any begining or end. Making an analogy to a tree, she is the roots, wide spread, but hidden, nurturing, guiding, intertwining. In this analogy she is the First Thing.

As Gaea is ambient, there is a Second Thing which is localized. To continue the tree analogy, this Second Thing would be like a seed. It is the potential for life, the impulse of nature if you will. The seed is definitely willful and intelligent. It has goals and it knows its purpose well. It comes from the roots, from the First Thing, from Gaea, and she comes from the seed. The Second and First things are interrelated, thus, each giving rise to the other. Can I describe this further? Not likely. Do I really know what the seed is? Yes. I'll leave it at that.

The First is ambient, the Second is localized. There is a Third Thing, which is more diffuse. It binds the First and Second together. And the best that I have to describe the Third Thing I wrote a while back from the perspective of one of my characters. I think it does more justice to the subject than I can:

The Third thing? I may never have walked in Dreams, but I have stood in Twilight. I have known Light and Dark, Good and Ill, Order, and Chaos. Each of these is a chord in the grand harmonic fabric of life. As in music chords, rhythms, notes, melodies, and timbres must be balanced to produce a beautiful song, so in life must these forces be balanced to produce beauty. Beauty is the fine line that I have danced. Beauty is the energy of the reel I play. Beauty is the laughter of the young and the tears of the old. Beauty is life. Beauty is death. Winter gives way to spring, but spring through summer returns to winter. Beauty is the cycle. Beauty is the Form. Beauty is the Fabric. Beauty is knowledge. Beauty is ignorance. Beauty is pain. Beauty is bliss. Beauty is all. What is the third thing? I’ve played it. You’ve heard it. You dance to its beat. It is you, and it is me.

Can I express the Third Thing in words? No. Can I show you? Yes. Unlike the First and Second Things, the Third Thing is not aware. It simlpy is, and it is powerful.

Is this First, Second, Third Thing idea of mine only relevant to nature? No. There are other fundamental facets of reality, other pillars of reality if you wish, that I can describe this way. Nature is just the most concrete. The First and Second Things differ among these facets, but the Third Thing is always the same. Am I borrowing from the idea of a triple-deity here? No, but I can't really explain why in so few words. Suffice to say these things are not deities in my mind, to me this is just how it works.

Anyway, all of that so we can understand a simple little dream I had.

So I dreamt about Gaea. Gaea is ambient, but in my dream, she was localized, perhaps so I could see and comprehend. Can I describe her? Radiant, green, flowing, as if wearing a dress perhaps, but made more of light and leaves and what have you. Gaea came to the seed, which for my dream appeared much like Gaea, but less radiant and more leafy. Then they danced, and well I'm not sure I can describe the dancing. It was beautiful, though. Then they were joined by The Third Thing, looking similar, but more radiant and less leafy. Now, I assume the Third Thing was only localized for the benefit of my fragile little mind. As they danced, they started weaving a frabric of what looked mostly like spider's webbing. As they danced, the seed was always looking at Gaea and Gaea was always looking at the Third Thing, but for the life of me, I couldn't tell if the Third Thing was looking at anything at all.

I don't remember much more than that, except that as they danced and the fabric grew, the mummified cat-people started to disintegrate until they were nothing but dust.

Short dream, long explanation, and I do appologize for that.