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A starter [Jun. 28th, 2005|10:03 pm]
Ravenwood Cafe


Thought I'd start the Ravenwood Cafe out with this nice little bit of writing. Most of you are aware of the background on this, but for those of you who aren't, here you go:

When I was living over in Cambridge Hall, I sat down to check my email. The next thing I knew I was on the floor of Holly's room, scared out of my mind because I didn't what I was doing there. Holly had a paper in her hand that I had apparently given to her. Here is what was written on said paper:

The time has come
It begins
A time of tragedy
To end all tragedy
A time of great despair that will cover the world
The fires will rain from the heavens
And the Holy City will burn
And many will cry out for mercy
And find only agony
Storms and earthquakes will ravage the land
And the balance of nature will be tipped
But not for the first time
Friends will betray friends
And family will betray family
Into the hands of those who would slaughter them
Til the streets run red with the blood of innocents

But all is not lost
There is still hope
As long as they live
There is hope
And the dark days will not last

Find them
Bring them
The Children of the Rising Dawn
The twelve fallen stars
Who were born for this day
To stand as a light against the darkness
For the sake of the world
And humanity

In the secret places
Shall they gather
Persecuted, they will rise

Keep them safe, child of Brigid
Keep them sane, oh priest who never was

So, here's what we pieced together from what I remembered and what Holly and Keith said happened at Holly's room.
Apparently, I sat down to check my email and fell "asleep". I then typed this message in my sleep, printed it out, and walked it up the stairs to Holly's room on the 6th floor. Keith told me that when I knocked on the door my eyes had a glazed over kind of look and that he had said my name several times but I didn't respond. I handed the paper to Holly, at which time I woke up in general confusion.