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Dreams [Aug. 13th, 2005|08:58 am]
Ravenwood Cafe


[mood |pensivepensive]
[music |Whispers in Blindness - Ace of Base]

I normally wouldn't post about a simple dream, but I figured between the circumstances and content, I would. It's mostly the circumstances of the dream that made it unusual, even for me.

I could not leave it. I awoke at least five times during the dream, and I mean fully awake, as I was aware of my surroundings, and that I was dreaming. But everytime I would fall back to sleep, I'd start right where I left off. Even if I wake during a dream, and go back to it, it usually twists or changes at least a little. This did not.

The dream itself went so: I was at work, when I was approached by my assistant manager who asked to speak with me. I agreed, of course, and he proceeded to ask me why I was working there, since my qualifications say I should be working somewhere else. I pondered the question a moment, then told him that from the moment we are born, we have a unique set of environmental factors that push us in the direction of our lives. From our physical location, age, parents, and as we get older, previous experiences, each of these factors that live beyond our control push us in little ways towards the future, towards new experiences, ever changing, ever flowing, and that my particular set of circumstances has brought me to where I am now. Why, I'm not sure, but this is where I am, and who I am, and so therefore, I know it can't be the wrong place to be, for I am here now. When it's time for me to leave, I will.

As a side note, if one were to analyze the dream, it's pretty easy to see that I'm questioning and answering why I am living where I am, and doing what I do. But the dream does not stop there.

There's a big commotion, and the roofers come down to the store, telling us something is very wrong. (And yes, in Real Life, we are having our roof worked on) From what they tell us, I apparently understand what is going on, and start getting people together in a room, telling them to stay there until I get back. Everything I do and say does not portray any sign of confusion or fear; it's as if I know what I'm doing, and that I've been trained to handle it. I am sure of myself, and nothing in my bearing says I should be questioned.

As I'm searching the building for both people and a cell phone, I find a cashier in a room. Now there's something following me, so I duck in the room with the cashier and shut the door. I use the time to use the cell phone I acquired, which by miracles of all miracles, work. I call my mother. She asks me what is going on, as there are bad things happening down there as well, or at least beginning to. The sun was just setting. I told her that she should go get Ed (her boyfriend), and Taz (her dog), and to go to her brother's house with him and his wife. I tell her that she needs to do this as soon as possible, and once there, to *not open the door for ANYONE*. I reiterate this several times, up to and including that she should not even open the door for police, for anyone, not even for me. I tell her that I want her at that house, because it's more Home than where she is, and she'll be safer there. I even go as far that it's *my* home, and therefore is one of the safest places for her to be. After telling her that, I tell her that she needs to call other family members, my father first, so he can call his family, and tell them the same thing: Again, I reiterate that they should keep the doors shut and locked, and do NOT open them for anyone. That I will be there for them when I can.

I hang up the phone and move towards the door, but the cashier, who has heard my conversation, freaks out, saying that I just said to not open the door. I told her that there are more people nearby, and that they *need* me there, for they do not have the same protection in the store that people in their homes have. She refuses, so I grab her and force her to come with me, because, "I will NOT let innocent people be hurt because of YOUR COWARDICE." I open the door, and see several wispy things floating around, the sun has set, and I know they are very dangerous. I push the girl towards the room of people I left, opening the door and shoving her in. I attempt to shut the door, but two of them come towards me, and whatever they are, they are preventing me from shutting the door, as it has become extremely heavy. I let go of the door and hold my hands out, muttering something in a language I do not understand. The wisps stop, and I slam the door shut, waving my hands in a pattern over the door, again saying something I don't understand. I stand in front of everyone, and tell them exactly what I told my mother, and that the cellphone is going to go around, and everyone can call one person in their family so they can spread the word. Everyone is giving me this look of wide eyed wonderment, and finally one employee asks me, "What are you?"

I stare at him for a while before answering, "According to your personal world view, the closest equivalent would be one of your 'Lanterns'." He nods, because he understands what it meant, but someone else does not, and asks for that to be clarified, and I simply tell her that his world view is not her world view. (At this, I'm going to point out at the guy who asked is actually a guy I work with, and he has an unhealthy fascination with Green Lantern. Me...I have no knowledge about anything about the Green Lantern, other than I'm pretty sure he wears green, has a ring, and I think is weak against yellow, though why, I have no idea, so, actually, I'm puzzled by my statement in the dream).

Before completely waking up from the dream, I saw a broadcast on TV (in the dream), in which those same instructions were being issued to the public at large, as told by 'an anonymous but reliable source'.

I figured that was a pretty good time to just stay awake.

What I wouldn't give for a good Harry Potter dream.